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Marsden State High School

Hi, my name is Tala Aufai and for more than ten years I have served the community Logan City as a School Chaplain and started at Marsden State High in 2020.I have life experiences in pastoral care, primary school, high school and the education sector. I’m here to help support the emotional, social, spiritual health and wellbeing of our school community.

As a staff member at Marsden, the chaplaincy service adds an extra dimension of support to students in their high school years. I run mentoring programs like RAGE, organise lunch time activities, oversee and manage the breakfast club, attend Camps, help out with extracurricular activities like volleyball, touch football, board games and more.

I also help out in the school playground and classroom and my door is always open for students, staff or parents who need a listening ear.

I enjoy encouraging students, staff and families by responding to the needs of our school community. I’m always available for a chat and can be reached via email taufa2@eq.edu.au and phone 3299-0555.

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Monday 1st Nov
Lets go Team Mako!!!! :)