About Us

Why We Do It

Who We Are

Scripture Union Australia is a Christian organisation seeking to bring God’s love, hope and good news to children, young people and their families. We work with local schools, local churches of all denominations, and community groups, towards a common vision: To see each child and young person connected and supported in community, serving others, and experiencing fullness of life.

Our History

Scripture Union, or SU’s story began just over 150 years ago, when Josiah Spiers brought the Bible to life as he shared ‘God’s big story’ with 15 children in London.

In SU’s early years, Josiah wrote ‘God is love’ on the sand of a Welsh beach during the summer school holidays of 1868 and invited the children playing on the beach to decorate it with seashells. 

Since then, SU has been inviting children, young people and their families to discover life in God’s big and unfolding story in more than 120 nations around the world - including Australia. 

For over 140 years, countless young Australians have been discovering belonging, hope and purpose in a story bigger than themselves through SU movements across our nation. 

Coming together in 2021 across different States and Territories, along with Generate (NSW), we are now a united, national movement, one body with many local expressions - because our heart is to meet local needs.