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I'm fundraising for Mackay North State High School (3 days).

My name is Rob Ruge. I am Chaplain from Monday to Wednesday at Mackay North SHS and from Thursday to Friday at Victoria Park State School.

I have a heart for supporting kids, youth, families and staff who are struggling to find hope and meaning in their daily lives. I honestly believe that school chaplaincy is an instrument of hope for many who don't receive enough encouragement in life.

Chaplaincy is only partially funded by the government. For the rest of our funding we rely on the community- people like you who believe in our mission of 'bringing hope to a young generation.'

Thank you in anticipation for your generous support 🙂

My Updates

2023 – A Year of Opportunities at North High

Monday 13th Mar

Wow! What a start to the year!

Last Friday marked the completion of my first 2 years of chaplaincy here in Mackay.

Over this time, I have enjoyed incredible growth and development, both personally and in the chaplaincy service we offer.

For the first time in quite a few years, we have been able to resume the STRENGTH Work program for the young men of our school which deals with such topics as: Teamwork and Friendship, Resilience, Work and Meaning, What makes you a man? In an era when our young men are struggling to find their place in the world, this is a program that can give them meaning and purpose.

Next term I’m looking forward to commencing the DRUMBEAT program with our own drums which our school has purchased. It’s been a long road to have this program recognised.

Brekky Club is now more needed than ever, with many families struggling with financial stress.

Making the most of EVERY opportunity

Tuesday 6th Dec
Your support has made a difference!!! As I look back at the year just gone, I am very grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way. In March, VPSS paid for me and one other staff member to do the DRUMBEAT facilitator training and, since then, we have run 2 rounds of the DRUMBEAT program. Last year I was trained as a RAGE facilitator through my high school. All up, between the 2 schools I have run 4 rounds of the RAGE program. Bike Club in the primary school has had a constant flow of participants coming through. So many opportunities to show love, acceptance and kindness to so many young people who are craving after significance and meaning. Thank you for your support. Here's wishing you and yours a very Blessed Christmas.

‘Chubby Rob’ & the joys of Bike Club

Friday 2nd Sep

The Bike Club at Victoria Park State School continues to bring me a lot of joy and satisfaction.

Sometimes I get little indications, like the note attached, of how much it means to the kids (FYI- I think it’s meant to read ‘Chappy’ not ‘Chubby’ 😊).

Bike Club brings a sense of belonging…a kind of family…a sense of stability and peace in the midst of turmoil and chaos. Like one student whom I had heard about the previous day that was going through a terrible family upheaval who turned up to my bike club. They came to the club for a few weeks until they could make sense out of the chaos- I think it’s a bit like an oasis.

This is the kind of stuff that your financial contribution to chaplaincy enables. Your contribution makes a difference.

IT'S CHAPPY WEEK!! - It's the little things that count.

Monday 23rd May
At the end of last year I was aware of an older student who had found every day a struggle- just to stay in class was a challenge. If you knew even a tiny bit of their background you would understand why. I knew one of the teachers who would be having a lot to do with them this year, and had noticed that this student was crying out for love- I let the teacher know. This year, after having such a positive interaction with their teacher, this student's behaviour and enjoyment of school has improved dramatically. 

It's the little things that count.


Friday 22nd Apr
I have now another string on my bow- or should I say, a new skin on my drum?

Last term, Victoria Park SS paid for me to do the facilitators' training for DRUMBEAT (Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions and Attitudes). This program is particularly suited to helping children and youth who have experienced trauma, but also helps in developing positive relationships, regulating emotions and making connections with their community.

I commence my first group next Wednesday at Mackay North High and then on Friday at Victoria Park State School. I'm looking forward to the opportunities this program will deliver to develop kids socially and emotionally.

Term 3- Finished strong; Term 4- back with a bang!

Friday 8th Oct
In my last post, I was seeking sponsors for the upcoming ultra trail run event, the WTF58, which was to be held on the last weekend before the September holidays. I am happy to report that I made the distance! 8hrs 59mins & 33secs. Thank you to those who sponsored me 😊

At the High School it was great to see progress in the boys who completed the RAGE course (an anger management program) - rather than fighting, they are making the choice to leave that life-style behind.

This term saw the Bike Club at the primary school begin with a bang! Yesterday 11 kids turned up to participate! It was chaotic, but the kids don't seem to mind- they have fun and are given a sense of belonging and acceptance. One teacher asked what I had done with one of her students during the break- she said that, for once, he stayed in the class and wanted to work! 

Thank you for your support of this work that changes lives. I have only $600 left to reach my target of $3000- if you haven't donated yet- will you help me reach it?

A New Challenge- the WTF58

Monday 6th Sep
In just 6 days (September 12) I will be running in the WTF58 - the Whitsunday Trail Fest 58km trail run. See
It'll be my first official ultra trail run, and I'm both excited and nervous about how I will go- and whether I'll even make it! I'm reasonably optimistic but, no matter what, it should be fun trying!
I have less than $1000 to raise to reach my Champion Your Chappy goal of $3000. 
Would you like help me reach that goal by sponsoring me $1/km (or more if you'd like :-)), to help me continue to make a positive difference in the lives of the children and youth of Mackay? 
Thank you for your support :-)
 The attached photo is me running the same trail for the fun of it 3 years ago.

I love my job!

Thursday 19th Aug
I saw a student this week who said that their mother had kicked them out and sent them to live with their dad. The student feels that their dad, whom the student's only just started to reconnect with, has started to 'get tired' of them. The student told me they feel worthless. I was able to tell the student that they were 'fearfully and wonderfully made', that they were here on this earth for a purpose and there was a great destiny awaiting them- they just had to discover what that was. When I told the student that out of 7 billion people in the world, they were the only one with their fingerprint, I saw the student look down at their fingers, the lights went on in their eyes and I saw a smile.

I love my job! This is what your donations allow me to do!

Building a Chaplaincy Service

Friday 16th Jul
It's term 3, and we're off to a strong start. The holidays just gone I spent a few days as a leader at Jump Camp where Yr.7-9 students from a number of schools including Mackay Nth SHS were able to enjoy the great fun, food and fellowship with other kids of faith. Next week, our Breakfast Club at MNSHS moves from 3 days to 5 per week, thanks to extra funding from BHP and OneLife NQ and a number of new volunteers signing on to help from both inside and outside the school community. 

Bike Club at Victoria Park SS is going off! I have more kids signed up and wanting to sign up than I can handle. Obviously this program is meeting a felt need. 

God is good! Thank you to my wonderful supporters who uphold this work through prayer and finance. You're an essential part of the chaplaincy service.

Two Schools, One Chaplain

Friday 11th Jun
I'm back again 😃

I was wanting to have separate pages for my two schools but, as both schools come under the banner of the same Local Chaplaincy Committee, you can be assured that any money you give through this site will be allotted to whichever school needs it the most. 

Thankyou to my sponsors

Friday 11th Jun
I'm stoked! Thanks to my wonderful sponsors I'm well on the way to reaching my $1000 goal. This support helps me continue in my 3 day capacity at Mackay North High. The NSCP Govt funding covers only about half of that.

In the 3 months I've been here:
  • I have commenced a Bike Club for kids struggling to connect socially
  • We have doubled the number of students accessing Breakfast Club and are about to move from offering breakfast from 3 days to 5.
  • I have participated in the RAGE Program (an anger management program for kids) and are seeing some kids make some positive changes.
  • We have commenced a prayer meeting for staff and students.
Your donation will continue to support this ministry of 'bringing hope to a young generation'.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Anne Ruge

May God bless you in this ministry & God bless the great work of S.U .


Anne Ruge


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Great work!!


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Love your work Rob


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God Bless you as you serve in this vital Ministry.




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Just keep on, keeping on!


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Daniel And Suzanne Patane

Hi Rob, Sorry to have stop donation because of bank account. I have sent up again


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Well done Rob, we are happy to help support you in this important role.


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Complete trust in your commitment to your community

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