Pioneer Valley Chaplaincy

Champion Your Chappy

We are fundraising for our School Chaplaincy Services in the Mackay Pioneer Valley


We are Chappy Rex, Chappy Liz and Chappy Knight, and we are school Chaplains located in the Mackay Pioneer Valley servicing 6 schools in this beautiful region.


Each day, we are truly grateful for the opportunity we have in our schools to care for all students by bringing hope, and encouragement to their lives through the diversity of services and programs that chaplaincy gives.


At this point in time though, Chaplaincy is only partially funded by the government who have given us 2 days a week to support students and staff and families, yet the need for support is greater than this. 


What's truly wonderful to see is that some of our schools would love for us to be there for additional days because of the value chaplaincy brings to its students social and emotional wellbeing.

That is why, for the rest of our funding we rely on the community to help us - people like you who believe in our mission of 'bringing hope to a young generation' - so we can have more days in our schools and 'be there' for those who need it most. Especially in a time such as this.

Thus, we would like to Thank You in advance for your kind donation and support.

Thank you to our Sponsors



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